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Supporting Teach for Youth -- Upgrade to Erasmus 2.0


To be able to support our Initiative, you need to be an EU citizen old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (18, except in Austria where the voting age is 16).

You then just have to fill in a specific statement of support online on the following website:





1/ Select your language;


2/ Click on "Support";


3/ Select the EU Member States from which you hold your nationality.

      If you have a dual citizenship, select one of them because you are allowed to sign a

      given initiative only once;


4/ Fill in all the required fields (with a red star [*]);


5/ Check the two boxes;


6/ Enter the security code displayed;


7/ Click on "Submit";


8/ Keep the confirmation code that appears: it will be necessary if you decide to withdraw

      your support later on.





Data Protection:


The Online Collection System (OCS) of the ECI "Teach for Youth -- Upgrade to Erasmus 2.0" has been approved and certified by the Centre des Technologies de l'Information de l'Etat of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg -- EU Member State where the OCS's website of our initiative is hosted on the servers of the European Commission -- according to the relevant European legislation in force.

The certificate of conformity can be downloaded here.


More information about data protection can be found here.








Source: European Commission

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